Het patroon voor deze CAL kan je vinden op deze blog:
(the link above is from the dutch version of this CAL.  
There’s also an English version out there, which you can find here:

De streepjes van week 8 zij weeral bij aangehaakt.  Het wordt een heerlijk herfst dekentje.

De kleurtjes die erbij gekomen zijn deze week:

  • kakigroen
  • gemêleerd groen
  • groen
  • wit

Week 9 staat ook al online, dus ik zal maar snel nog enkele rijtjes gaan haken.  Doei!

Week 8 from the stripey-blanket-as-we-go.  This is a lovely combination of different stitches.  Every row the blanket uses an other color AND an other kind of stitch.

I am working with green-ish colours as you can see.  These were leftovers that where already lying around in my house for ages.   Ideal for a CAL I’d say!  The result will be a beautiful autumn blanket.  And that’s perfect, because this CAL ends in November.

The first few rows I choose my colors on the go, but after a few rows I decided to work out a color scheme.   And for me that works better.  It makes me feel a lot more confident, because I don’t have an even number of yarn-balls of every color. 🙂

Here’s the color-scheme I used for now:

  • white
  • mixed green/white
  • khaki green
  • white
  • brown
  • beige
  • mixed
  • khaki
  • mixed
  • green
  • white

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