This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015.  Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies.  Visit for more details.

Deramores has invited 6 crafty bloggers to predict the upcoming trends in the yarn industries.

All six forecasts have great potential, but there’s one prediction that strikes me just that little bit more.

I’m talking about Wink, designer and blogger from A creative being.  She claims that crochet that looks like knitting will become the next trend in yarn-paradise.   I’m calling it knit-a-like.

Just not that into knitting…

But what’s the point of knit-a-like crochet ?  Then why not just learn how to knit ?

Well… for some of us knitting is more a pain than a gain.

A question that I get a lot when I’m crocheting-on-the-road is :  “What are you knitting ?”
You know the feeling -> Aaaaaargh!  It’s crochet!   And that’s not all, because apparently people think that if you crochet, you most certainly know how to knit as well.   Uh…  no I don’t.

I used to feel ashamed to tell that I cannot knit and even more if I had to tell that I’m not interested in learning.  Because, you know… I crochet and crochet is freaking awesome.

Oh, but I’ve tried to learn myself how to knit, several times.  But I’m just not that into knitting.

I’ve always considered crochet to be much more versatile.  Everything’s possible, even knit-a-like techniques or stitches can be replicated.  So the question should be “Why should you learn how to knit when there’s crochet ?”


Sometimes the little devil in me wants to cheat knitting.  And if I get asked again what I’m knitting, I just want to reply :  “You want knitting ?   I’ll give you knitting!  Except it’s not, because I’m using a crochet hook and I can do anything with my hook.  My hook is like a magic tool that can fabricate any stitch out there.  Yes even knitting and weaving.”

I think secretly a lot of crocheters feel the same from time to time.   And knit-a-like techniques are the perfect way to cheat knitting.

And you want to know another advantage ?  It’s so easy to switch between knit-a-like and “standard” crochet, because the right hook/needle is already in your hands.  And don’t we all like easy from time to time ?

So what techniques are there ?

Many!  You’ll be amazed at the possibilities!

*back loop stitches give a lovely knit-a-like ribbed effect

If you like to keep it simple, you’ll love back post stitches, front post stitches and back loop stitches.  With these you can easily replicate a knit-a-like pattern or that typical ridge that knitters use at the end of cardigan sleeves.

*picture from blogger marianne-mm

A technique to keep an eye on is knooking.  Knooking is as close as you can get to knitting with a crochet hook.  Like knitting, you cast on loops and the loops always stay on your needle.  Well… not exactly, because when your knooking you will pull your needle through the loops and onto a little rope at the end of the hook.  That way it’s easy to knook in the round and make turns.  

*knooking hook from Lana Grossa

I really believe that this technique might become the new fashion in crochet world.  Hook manufacturers like Lana Grossa, knitPro, … are already answering to this trend by bringing special knooking hooks (back) into there catalogue.

There’s also more and more active blogging and interesting tutorials on youtube about this technique.  So check out youtube or google if you like to know more about knooking.

*tunisian crochet hook

But my personal favorite one is Tunisian crochet.  Which you might recognize by the long hooks, that kind off look like knitting needles with a hook at the end.

*design from Aoibhe Ni

*design from Aoibhe Ni

I recently discovered the stunning patterns from Aoibhe Ni.  She’s a crochet designer that really got into Tunisian crochet.  Her shawls are just breathtaking!   She combines the unique knit-a-like look of tunisian crochet with lacy yarn and uses large hooks to create beautiful lacy designs.

*crocheting with novelty yarn is easier with the tunisian crochet technique and a large hook

There’s also Jennifer Hansen, known for her beautiful Tunisian crochet designs in Vogue knitting and an online course to learn this craft.  She even claims that you can make a corset with this technique, because it creates a very strong fabric.   She also gave me a Eureka! moment when she showed how easy it is to use novelty yarns in Tunisian crochet.

Fluffy yarns is something that frightens crocheters a bit, because it’s extremely difficult to see your stitches.  But not if you’re using Tunisian crochet!

*fluffy yarns

I had some fleece-yarn that was sitting in my stash for ages, not knowing what to do with it.   Not anymore!  I’ve casted on some loops and am turning it into an extremely soft baby blanket.

Short said, I love this technique and will most certainly be using it regularly.

Crochet magazines and crochet hook manufacturers are already picking up on this trend.  So let’s try some exciting new crochet techniques and cheat knitting!

crafty greetings,

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