This post is my submission to the Deramores Craft Blog Competition 2015.  Deramores is the UK’s number one online retailer of knitting and crochet supplies.  Visit for more details.

Deramores has invited 6 crafty bloggers to predict the upcoming trends in the yarn industries.

All six forecasts have great potential, let’s talk a bit about Kat Goldin’s prediction “Crochet garments & DIY-fashion“.

*Fall fields Cardigan from designer Beth Nielsen

It has been a very very very long Work in progress project.  But finally!  I’ve finished it!

Here’s my Fall Fields Cardigan, a design from Beth Nielsen (published in Interweave crochet, Fall 2012).

It was my first crochet garment ever to make and I noticed that I might need some extra practice.  But I did notice that it is very addictive to make your own garment.

I entered an online course to learn a bit more about this, because I do want to make some more fashion items like a vest or a blazer.

*Amsterdam Tee from Mary Lynn Patrick

There’s tons of knitted patterns online, but recently also crochet garments are becoming more and more popular.  I believe crochet will gain in popularity the upcoming months.

Wanna know why ?   You can buy a knitted sweater or knitted anything in almost any fashion store, but have you ever seen a crochet sweater or vest for sale ?   Yes, sometimes they sell those net-sweaters.  But I’m talking about a garment that blows your mind away with beauty.

*Pleated Cardigan from Kat Goldin

Think about it.  Crochet can’t be replicated by machines. So if you crochet your own garment, you might be damn sure that none of your friends has the same.

*Military Style Jacket from Megan Granholm

The past years DIY-markets are popping into existence in almost any town.  This really states that self-made fashion is one of the most upcoming trends of the moment.

So let’s go and crochet ourselves some fashion items!

*Aztec Sun Mandala & granny squares from Babukatorium and Ellen Gormley (mandala design)

crafty greetings,

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