Don’t you just love those extremely soft blankets they sell in baby giftstores ?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make those blankets yourself ?  Face it, they’re quite expensive if you want to buy one.  100 euro for a blanket that’s barely a square meter is not a rarity.   For me personally it’s a bit overpriced for a gift.

But don’t worry, we crocheters can do better than that.

What would you think about a blanket that’s at least as soft and beautiful as the expensive one, but would only cost you some balls of yarn.  Heck for all I know you might even already have some great yarn in your stash!

Wanna know I did it ?  Here’s how.

*back of the work

*front of the work

Materials needed :

10 mm Tunisian crochet hook
4 balls Aran weight EXTREMELY soft yarn (I used Lana Grossa Leggero, some kind of fleece yarn)
8 balls DK weight fashion yarn (I used Schoeller Wolle Anabelle, some kind of bouclé yarn)

Instructions :

  1. Make a chain of approx. 1 meters long (max. 1m20)
  2. Make a foundation chain in Tunisian Simple stitch (tss).
  3. Keep making those tss until your blanket has the desired length.  Change color every start of a forward pass and every start of a returning pass.
  4. slip stitch along the edge of the last row.  Done!
That’s all.  Yes, it’s that simple.
happy crocheting!
crafty greetings,
Little Wendy crochet

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