What are you working on today ?
I still had some sock-yarn in my stash and decided to try it out.  So I started to crochet some socks!
Yes, you heard me.  Socks that aren’t knitted but crochet.
I was surprised with the amount of patterns I could find on ravelry.  There’s so much choice and so many beautiful designs!
But it’s a first-timer for me, so I thought it might be best to start with the basics.
Surprisingly I stumbled upon a “learn to crochet socks” leaflet in a magazine store.    I immediately bought it and so now I’m attempting to crochet my first socks.  yay!
First minor point I came across : my leg-part seemed to be have not enough stretch.  So, when I wanted to fit my sock, I couldn’t get it passed my heel.   
Here’s how I solved it :  
I ripped my rows until just above the heel.  Next I chained 40 and started crocheting up and down on the chain, all around the sock.  
The stretch of the stitches is bigger in the vertical direction, then the horizontal direction.  So I figured, it I turn my stitches on their side, my socks might have enough stretch.
Have you already crochet socks ?  What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them ?
Your welcome to talk about crochet socks on my facebook page.
crafty greetings,

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