This is my first “wowzie! of the month” blog post.

From now on I will blog about something that really blew my head of once a month.  This can be crochet related, but might also be about something different.

If you have a great story to tell or saw something that really amazed you, I’d love to hear your tale. And who knows your story might be my next month’s “wowzie!”.

This month I want to show you a present that I got from my mother in law.  Like me, she’s also a very creative person.  Even worse like me, because in her younger days,  she was part of a folklore group and they toured around with a little show.  They had dancers, a music band, yarn spinners, lace makers, … you name it.  It sounds like super fun, doesn’t it.

So last weekend she had a little present for me.  Really old vintage iron crochet hooks!  Look at the box they’re in.  That is so yummie!

Iron crochet hooks are used to make lace.  They are not that common anymore, so really hard to get.  Stacey Trock did a blog post about them a while ago.

My mother in law also gave me some boxes with lace thread that goes with those hooks.  I can’t wait to try this technique!

So if you come across a beautiful lace pattern or if you’ve designed one yourself, please feel free to inform me.  I’m looking for a small project, like a coaster.

See you again on monday!

crafty greetings,

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