I confess!  I’m a day too late.   No excuse!

Yesterday it was Work in progress Wednesday.   As you know, my sophie’s universe blanket is finished.  So, that means that I have to come up with something else to show you every wednesday.

What am I working on at the moment ?

Well, a while ago I bought a pattern for the Calida cabled bag from Victoria Gogolak.  This is one of the designs that won the design wars chalenge.

At first I wasn’t sure which yarn I wanted to use to make this project.  It had to be chunky, because I wanted a big bag.  But I also like my yarn to be 100% natural fibres.  It doesn’t has to be ecological (though that would be an extra plus), but it does have to be cotton, wool, bamboo, …

For a project like this I prefer cotton.  I had to look around a bit to find a chunky cotton, that was strong enough to be used as a bag, but still lightweight enough.  (I didn’t want a bag that weight more than the things I want to put in it.)

And I found!  And you won’t believe me, but the perfect yarn for my project is from a brand called “Wendy”.  Haha!  How funny is that.

I used :

  • 3,5 skeins Wendy supreme luxury cotton chunky in cobalt blue
  • a tiny bit more than 2 skeins in soft grey.
I’m still working on the handles.  For the handles I choose to work with Wendy supreme luxury cotton DK in the color poppy red.  The band is also made in this color.
For both the band and the handles I’m using the Tunisian Simple Stitch.   This gives just that little bit more strenght to the material.
Anyway. I am in love with the result.  The designer did a great job.  It’s a lovely design.  And I love my new bag.
crafty greetings,

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