I’m all into Amigurumi at the moment.

Last week I experimented with Amigurumi’s and felting.  And I had so much fun!

Look at those cuties!  Both the elephant and the whale are free patterns I found on the internet.

This cute elephant is a design from Chisachi Kushima.  The original pattern is in Japanese, but there are links to translated versions on the pattern page.

This cutie is a design from Stacey Trock called M.Richard the whale.  It’s already the second one I made.  I really love this pattern.  It’s such a cute whale.  This one I felted and the result is even more cuddly and cute.

How to felt your crochets ?

Here’s how I did it.

Choose a project with not too much color and a project that’s not too complex.  You have to consider that your project will shrink about 30% if you felt it.

The yarn I used.

I used Drops Nepal.  Its a blend of wool and alpaca, has a lovely light and soft (squishy) texture and also very useful for cuddly felting projects.

The patterns

Choose wisely.  Your yarn will become somewhat fluffy after felting.  So I wouldn’t recommend using lots of different colors.  In stead of that, choose a project that doesn’t have too many complex shaping.

The whale and the elephant are perfect projects for felting.  But also vegetables are cute to make.

Stuff, stuff stuff!

I stuff my animal the same way as I would when I’m not felting.  This is necessary to keep shape.  If you under-stuff it, your animal would loose shape.  And blocking a felted softie is not an option.  So make sure your animal is stuffed accordingly. 
Also, if you stuff it firmly, it will stretch your fabric.  So this means less shrinkage!  The stuffing actually serves as blocking-aid. 

the felting

Okay.  You’re done crocheting and stuffed them firmly.  So now it’s time to felt them.   
Rule number 1 : don’t be afraid of your washing machine!  The more friction your project gets, the more beautiful your felting result will be.
I washed my projects on heavy duty and 50°C, together with some towels.   A while ago I made some crochet/felted tomatoes and washed them on 60°C (also heavy duty) and the felting was even more beautiful. 
So I would recommend washing on 50 or 60°C together with some towels.  Don’t over-stuff your washing machine though!  You need to keep some movement for the felting process.


Yay!  You’ve successfully made an uber cute felted softie! 
Happy crocheting!
crafty greetings,

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