Time to wrap up this month.   And it has been a lovely journey through crochet world this month!

Do you want to know which was my favorite design or crochet item this month ?

It’s these two cute little dolls that I’ve designed!

design from Little Wendy crochet

 This one looks a bit like me. šŸ™‚  It’s my basic Little Wendy doll.  Don’t you love her!  I didn’t gave her any clothing, because I want to inspire the buyers to create these.

design from Little Wendy crochet

This little cutie is Lola.  She’s a creature that lives in Lolaland.  That’s why she has such lovely colorful hair and such beautiful sparkling blue eyes.

So, those were my favorite crochets of this month.

What else did I make this month…

…I learned some new techniques

not-knitted CAL

…had lots of fun in making beautiful crochet items from different designers

Calida cabled bag from Viktoria Gogolak, Elephant from Chisachi Kushima,
Dale the mosquito from Freshstitches, M.Richard the whale from Stacey Trock

…made some new designs

felted tomat & aubergine, kittykatty,
mister Panda, Freddy the Frog prince (not a new design)

…bought 2 beautiful skeins at a medieval festival

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