Technique of the month

New month, new things to try out.  And I do love to try out new crochet techniques.

Ever heard of crochet and weaving ?  If not, keep reading!  This will get interesting!

Some years ago I bought this book :

Crochet Master Class
from Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss

If you don’t already have it in your crochet book collection, I can totally recommend it.  It’s kind of a compendium of all crochet techniques out there.  Well… maybe not all, but definitely a lot.

Thanks to “Crochet Master Class” I discovered that there’s something called interlocking crochet.  Interlocking crochet is a technique that uses crochet and weaving.  You work with two different fabrics and weave them into another whilst crocheting.   I wanted to know more about it and bought the book “Interlocking crochet” from Tanis Galik.

Make no mistake.  Interlocking crochet is not surface crochet.  It’s a whole new technique.

I already made two blankets that use crochet and weaving.

The first one uses a crochet grid.  After you’ve finished the grid you make A LOT of chains to weave through the grid.  It’s a lovely technique and you can create beautiful tartan motives like this.  This specific pattern came from the book “Crochet Master Class”.

This one is still a work-in-progress.  It’s a pattern from the book “Interlocking crochet”.  In this technique you make two grids at the same time, but whilst crocheting you weave these two grids into each other.  The fabric that it creates is fantastic!  I really love the feel of it.  It has such a squishy and cuddly feel that you want to keep squeezing it.

Another fun fact is that you can create two different fabric for the front and the back of the blanket. How cool is that!

The third one is the most simple technique.  You just make a lot of chains or crochet bands and weave them into one another afterwards.

I’ve started a new baby blanket in this technique.  I’m using Schachenmayr bravo Big and a 15 mm crochet hook.  It’s a very soft yarn, a bit like fleece.  And might already guessed that it’s a very thick yarn.  It’s suitable for a 10mm crochet hook, but I’m using a 15mm hook to give it more drape.  Remember we’re gonna weave all the strengs into each other afterwards and we do not want our blanket to be sturdy, but soft and squishy.

My chains are 60 stitches long, that’s about 1 meter.  Perfect for a baby blanket.

How about you ?  Have you ever used one of these techniques ?  Tell me about it and show me your projects.

crafty greetings,

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