Who doesn’t like to receive a gift?  Either personally given to you or in your mail.

Recently I subscribed myself to Little box of crochet, a subscription service that sends you a box filled with crochet goodies EVERY month!

The box contains a crochet pattern, all necessary notions and some very gorgeous extra’s.  The story behind the making of this gorgeous box is a heartwarming and beautiful story, that I think everyone should read.

Already getting excited?  Let’s take a look inside!


When I opened the shipping carton, I immediately discovered a bright dark blue (Royal blue-ish).  The box has a fair size and is definitely bigger than I anticipated.  The perfect size to reuse for stashing crochet goodies afterwards.  The box also changes color every month.  This month’s box had a beautiful blue lid, combined with a happy bright green bottom.


The content of the box is carefully wrapped in silk wrapping paper.  In my box there was one funny green ball of yarn on the outside of the paper.  Little Box of crochet already blogged about this little funny error on Instagram.  Ah, well.. we don’t mind.  Especially if you get to see what’s underneath the pink paper.

And wow! when I saw what was behind the pink wrapping.  There’s a booklet with the pattern of a Mexican lady cameo and extra tips & tricks, a bunch of little balls of yarn in happy colors, a very qualitative crochet hook (in a lovely color!), a unique handmade stitch marker and a unique handmade cactus shaped pin.

Each month there’s a different theme and for this box the theme was Mexico.  Every item in the box was carefully chosen to fit the theme.  There’s even cactus shaped confetti in there!

If you also like to take a subscription, you can subscribe to their waiting list.  As soon as there’s a clear spot, you’ll be notified by e-mail.

crafty greetings,

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