Who wouldn’t agree with me that these crocheted softies or Amigurumis are utterly adorable. You would love to make such cuteness yourself, but how does it work?  And won’t it be to difficult for me?

Absolutely not.  Actually there’s plenty of Amigurumi patterns for beginners.

I selected 5 of those beginner patterns for you.  Just go for it and before you know it you’ll be crocheting any amigurumi.

There’s a few basics that you should learn first, before jumping into the world of Amigurumis:
– single crochet
– magic ring
– crochet in the round (continuously)
– increase and decrease in single crochet

You’ve got is?  Let’s go!

Some great tips before you start

If this is your first time to crochet Amigurumis, it is recommended to use a worsted or aran weight yarn.  Some great examples are Drops Paris, DMC natura medium or Blue Sky Fibers Worsted Cotton.  These yarns are also environmentally friendly AND safe to use for baby- & toddler toys.

The thicker the yarn you’re using, the bigger your stuffed animal will be and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for here.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re using the right size crochet hook.  For the yarns mentioned above, this will most likely between a 4 mm and a 5 mm hook size.  Go one or a half size down in hook size if you’re still able to look through the fabric.


And last but not least… USE STITCH MARKERS to mark the end of your rounds.  When making amigurumis you’ll be crocheting continuously in the round. Without a stitch marker it will be impossible to know where your round starts and ends.



The first pattern I choose for you is from designer Josephine Wu.  You can download the pattern for free on ravelry.  So it’s a great pattern to start your Amigurumi journey with.

The pattern ends with a whole at the top of the Amigurumis head, that you need to sew together afterwards.  This means you can stuff the animal when you’re done with the crochet part and you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of the stuffing getting stuck between your stitches.

The little owls are also great to use for autumn decoration.  Make 10 or more in happy colors and  join them to each other with a chain to make a lovely bunting.  Or use orange, black, green and purple colors for a Halloween version.  And speaking of Halloween… these cuties are also great Halloween presents for the kids.




Dave the blueberry is a pattern from Hookabee and it’s simple shape makes it the perfect 2nd Amigurumi project to make. It is sold in a bundle of 3 sweet berries: a blueberry, a strawberry and a raspberry.

In this pattern you’ll learn how to create a sphere and how to crochet some embellishments directly onto the crochet fabric afterwards.

It’s a cute pattern for kids to play little shop, so let’s make a lot of these yummie berries.



So now that you’re an expert in crocheting spheres, it will be peanuts for you to make Alastair the caterpillar from Freshstitches.

This cutie crawley is made out of 7 little spheres that are joined together afterwards. Yup, it’s that easy.

The caterpillar also has the perfect shape for little kids to grap onto.  Putting a jingle ball in it, easily transform it into a rattle.



Okay, your crochet muscles are warmed up.  That means it’s time for Odd de octopus from Ina Rho.  This octopus is extremely cute and makes a perfect decoration for the babyroom.

The eyes of this cutie are crocheted, which makes it a safe toy for babies.  For babysafe eyes you can either crochet or embroider eyes.  You can create any style of eyes and I sure like the pair of eyes on this cutie!

You can make the octopus in a vibrant color to make it pop with the rest of the home interior.

Or you can make a Halloween version, a zombie version would look nice.



As a reward for all the hard work you’ve been doing, I designed a cute little Halloween monster for you.  Megan the monster is also a sphere shaped amigurumi.

To make the hair fluffy like this, you brush the yarn.  This is only one of many techniques to give your Amigurumi the cutes hairstyles.

This project also doesn’t use much yarn, so go and grab your leftover-stash and let’s get crocheting!

This creepy cute lady also joined an Amigurumi design contest.  Voting starts on december, 2nd on amigurumipatterns.net and she would be thrilled to receive your vote.

Together with the owls, this little monster-lady makes a great give-away for Halloween.



sc = single crochet
mr = magic ring
inc = increase
dec = decrease

(…) x times = repeat x times this round what’s between brackets
f.i. in round 3 you’ll need to (increase, followed by 1 single crochet) and repeat this 6 times.

(number) = behind every round you’ll see a number between brackets.  This is the amount of stitches you should have after that round.

Materials needed

  • Knitpicks Comfy worsted (a leftover will do, you can also use any other yarn with resembling properties)
  • a leftover yarn that’s 100% wool
  • 4 mm crochet hook (or size adapted to the yarn you’re using)
  • a handfull of stuffing (f.i. pandastuffing)
  • a tiny piece of white felt
  • a pair of 12mm amigurumi safety eyes
  • a tapestry needle
  • a stitch marker
  • textile glue
  • a brush

The pattern

The head

  1. sc 6 in a mr (6)
  2. (inc) x6 (12)
  3. (inc, 1 sc) x6 (18)
  4. (inc, 2 sc) x6 (24)
  5. (inc, 3 sc) x6 (30)
  6. (inc, 4 sc) x6 (36)
  7. 36 sc
  8. 36 sc
  9. 36 sc
  10. 36 sc
  11. 36 sc
  12. 36 sc
  13. (dec, 4 sc) x6 (30)
  14. (dec, 3 sc) x6 (24)
  15. (dec, 2 sc) x6 (18)
    -> Place the safety eyes between round 10 and 11 and 7 stitches apart from each other
    -> Now it’s time to stuff your toy.
  16. (dec, 1 sc) x6 (12)
  17. (dec) x6 (6)

Fasten off.  Weave your tail through the front loop of your last round and pull closed.  Make a little knot and pull the thread straight through your work.  Cut the tail.

The mouth

  1. sc 6 in a mr (6)
  2. (inc) x6 (12)
  3. (inc, 1 sc) x6 (18)
  4. (inc, 2 sc) x6 (24)
  5. (inc, 3 sc) x6 (30)

Fasten off with a long tail.  Place the mouth on the lower part of the head.  If you’re satified with the placement, sew the mouth onto the head with 20 stitches. Make a little knot and pull the thread straight through your work.  Cut the tail.

Cut 2 little triangles from the white felt. Place one triangle in every corner of the mouth and glew to the head with textile glue.


Cut 4 pieces of yarn with a length of 15 cm (soft purple) and 4 with a length of 35 cm (dark purple). Fold in two.

  1. Put your crochet hook through 2 stitches on the top of your monster’s head.
    Pull one short piece of yarn through the stitches, until you can see a loop.  Put the two tail-ends through that loop and pull tight.  Repeat for the long piece of yarn.
  2. Repeat this 3 times.

To make the hairs look fluffy, we need to brush it.  I used a brush wit iron spikes, that you can typically find in a specialized pet store.
Always brush from the root to the end of the hair and keep brushing until you’re satisfied with the result.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished an utterly cute little monster.

I am really curious to see all your versions of Megan the tiny monster.  Post a picture of your monster on Instagram and use the hashtag #Meganthetinymonster or #Littlewendycrochet.

Wanna make more Amigurumis?  Lily, the dragon is the perfect next pattern for you to make. And because it’s almost Halloween, I’ll give you a 10% reduction in my ravelry webshop.  Use the couponcode HALLOWEEN2016 at the checkout.  Don’t hesitate too longe, because this offers is only valid until october, 31, 2016.

crafty greetings,

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