the 5 best online shops to buy the most unique safety eyes

You know the feeling.  You’ve just discovered a new amigurumi crochet pattern (=crocheted stuffed animal) and you’re super excited about it.  There’s no doubt about it, this person is gonna make that super cute animal.  And oh my… those eyes… they are so beautiful!  I want one! I want one!

Some time later you find yourself running to your local yarn shop to find yourself the perfect yarn.  You buy a bit too much, as usual, but it’s just such a lovely yarn.  Next item on the list are the eyes.  Ooh… those beautiful radiant eyes…  But after quite a search in your local and less local craft shops, you end up back at home feeling a bit… lost.  You did not find the safety eyes you hoped for.  The kind lady of the craft shop suggested something else and you bought them… but they’re just not the same.  You wanted to have something… different.  And as motivated as you where to start this new crochet project, you’re now a bit less excited to start.

Recognizable? Don’t worry, because that’s all to the past from now on!

What if I tell you that you will find the exact same eyes as the designer used (or even better)?  You’ll have to shop somewhere else then your local craft shop, though.  You’ll be amazed by all the gorgeous and unique creations that are sold online.  I selected 3 great shops for you.  Let’s have a look.

the 5 best online shops to buy the most unique safety eyes

1. Suncatcher craft eyes

This one’s my number one go-to shop for safety eyes.  I just love this online shop.  They have an amazing range of colors, sizes and shapes.  They even sell clear eyes for those amongst us that love to paint their own eyes.  You can’t get much uniquer than that!  Be sure to always use acrylic paint though.  That insures a durable and qualitative product.

If you use A LOT up to CRAZY MUCH safety eyes, there’s also the possibility to buy in bulk.  50, 100 pairs or more, they have it.  Or if you don’t know which ones to choose, there’s also a sampler box with a lovely assortment of colored eyes.

Suncatcher delivers a great service and quality.  I definitely recommend the glow-in-the-dark eyes to make your own cute halloween monster.


2. 6060 eyes

You want unique, but don’t want to paint the eyes yourself?  Than this webshop might be your place to be.  Next to the standard collection (that you can find in most specialized craft stores), they also sell gorgeous handpainted eyes.

I also LOVE the wobbly frog eyes (the black of the eyes moves around!)

If you’re more of a nose-person, they’ve got a nice collection of those as well.


3. Freshstitches

Stacey Trock from Freshstitches doesn’t only design utterly cute crochet patterns for stuffed animals.  She also sells the materials to make them.

The comic eyes in her collection are custom made for her.  So you won’t find these beauties anywhere else.

I already have had several of her eyes and the quality is really good.  The comic eyes are great, if you’re looking to give your amigurumi a fun and different look.  Instant cartoon look guaranteed.

4. Situer

This is the shop where the whole online-buying story started for me. They have a huge collection of eyes in different colors and sizes.  They also sell some really funny comic eyes.

The downside of this shop are the washers.  Situer uses the plain plastic washers, which are a lot more difficult to apply.  Nevertheless there’s plenty of tips & tricks on the internet to help you with that.

the 5 best online shops to buy the most unique safety eyes

Etsy had hundreds of shops that sell craft safety eyes.  And it might be tempting sometimes to buy from all of them.  Just keep in mind that you are making a stuffed animal for a child.  You’d want your safety eyes to be safe.
(Also it is strongly recommended not to use safety eyes for children under the age of 3.  In stead you can crochet or embroider your own eyes, like I did with Lily, the dragon or the 3 happy fish.)

If you find a webshop that has some gorgeous eyes.  Don’t immediately jump to buy-modus.  First check if they have reviews from customers.
You see a lot of great comments?  Than it’s a good chance that it’s a great product.

Also remember that kids like to PLAY with their toys.  So some wearing and tearing is inevitable.  Be sure that you use safety eyes that can take a beating.  They should be strong enough for some tossing around, should survive your washing machine and should be made out of child-safe materials.

The quality of the washer is also very important.  The easiest ones are the plastic washers with indents (the bottom one in the picture), next there’s the metal ones with indents (the middle one in the picture) and then there’s the plain plastic ones (the upper ones in the picture).  The last ones are the most difficult to apply.  You can use a metal ring to put some pressure on the washer or use a special tool for it like some pliers or an insertion tool.

If you want to be sure that the shop uses child-safe materials, they often mention this on their website.  Still in doubt?  Just ask the seller some feedback.

Are you ready to shop?  Which ones did you buy?  Leave a comment below.

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