Crochet for a cause - // a blogpost

The branch of this crochet hook was carefully handpicked in the forest on a lovely walk.

When we get closer to the end of the year, people start looking for great gifts for the coming festivities.   Another thing about the christmas period is that people also tend to give more to good causes.

The crochet and knit community is a bit known for organizing all sorts of activities for good causes.  One lovely organisation is Little Bird SOS.

A little bit more about the organisation:

Leicester, UK based voluntary community social enterprise providing inclusive and accessible art and craft activities for adults. 

Additionally we manage and deliver projects that measure arts for health and wellbeing outcomes using the Public Health for England evaluation framework.
Our service supports people who find accessing leisure activities difficult due to factors such as cost, disability, poor mental health etc.
We provide weekly art and craft groups and other activities that have social benefits with positive health and wellbeing outcomes.  One of our groups, Yarnjackers, make handcrafted items, from discarded/recycled materials, that we then sell to generate an income to support our Revive sessions ensuring affordable access to our group for those who would like to engage with art and craft activites to support their health and wellbeing. (Lisa Pidgeon)


If you like to support them (or maybe you just want such a lovely and unique crochet hook), just go to

Crafty greetings,

Psssst:  Still looking for a great gift for one of your crochet-friends?  Why not give them one of these lovely hooks and a skein of yarn from an indie dyer?

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