Little Wendy crochet news has done it again! They organized a fantastic contest for people who like to design their own cute little critters.

Did I hear Monsters?

We LOVE monsters!

I entered with 2 different designs this year. You can place 5 votes. Vote for my two designs by clicking on the links below.

And that’s not all!  If I end in the top 20, I’ll give away one of my patterns FOR FREE!  So go go go and vote for my designs and don’t be afraid to share this news with your friends!


Megan the tiny monster. // a Little Wendy crochet design.

Megan belongs to the Nywethi tribe. A monster tribe known for gorgeous and colorful hairstyles. They are found in the rainforest and their diet consists out of orchid flowers and tree frogs. Nywethi move around by happily bouncing from one orchid leave to another. They sleep by attaching themselves to an orchid stalk and by pretending to be a flower bud. Gorgeous creatures, as they are, you’d better be careful though, cos this little lady has a serious attitude! When she feels threatened, she will attack! And I can tell you that this little lady has a pretty darn good bite! Nywethi have 2 big tusks to keep a hold of their prey and a mouth full of cutting teeth. You really don’t want to get into a fight with this beauty.


Poepoe, the pumkin // a Little Wendy crochet design.

Do you know the story of cinderella and her pumpkin carriage? Well… before the good fairy good create such gorgeous carriage, she had to practice A LOT! One of the first enchanted creations she made was Poepoe the pumkin. He’s very cuddly and sweet. But because he looks a bit scary, it is difficult for him to find some friends. So mostly he hides himself in a field of pumpkins, but at halloween he goed out to play. And boy does he make a lot of friends on that night!


Crafty greetings!

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