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A lot of amigurumi start with increasing in the round.  We all learned that increasing in crochet is done by making 2 stitches in a stitch.
Most patterns line up the increases.  So all increases are on top of each other.

This method has 3 clear characteristics:
– you’ll end up with “lines” that clearly show you where you’ve put the increases
– putting 2 stitches in the same stitch makes the hole of the stitch a bit bigger than when you only put 1 stitch into it
– your shape will be more of a hexagon than a circle

If you’re a designer yourself or if you want to sell your stuffed animals, you might not want this.  You might want to have a smooth fabric, that looks the same for every stitch and with holes that are as tiny as possible.
You also might not want people to know where you’ve put your increases, because then it would be easy for other people to copy your design.

So how do we avoid this and give our finished toy a more professional look ?

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