Once upon a time… there was a little girl that found an old book on the attic. The book was about learning the craft of crochet… But after a while she lost interest in the book and it got locked away again.

On her 20th birthday she rediscovered and before she knew, she had made her very first crochet blanket….

From then on there was no stopping me anymore. I really fell in love with the art of crochet.

Hi, I’m Wendy, designer and creative blogger for Little Wendy crochet.  Through this website I like to share my passion for crochet softies, blankets and accessories with the world.  Besides that, I’m also here to help you out if you have any crochet related questions or if you need some help with one of my patterns.

I love Scandinavian and African color combinations and prints.  So expect a lot of happy colors on my blog and in my designs.

I’m an eco-geek and I eat vegetarian A LOT.  That’s why I also try to use as much as possible eco-friendly yarn (organic or 100% natural fibers).  But don’t worry!  I will go and search for environmentally friendly yarns that are also friendly for your wallet.

What else to expect?  Well… I have quite a collection of inspiring crochet books and I like to share my collection with you.  So from time to time I’ll write a review about them.  I also like to tell you a bit more about crochet patterns from my favorite designers.  And because there’s always a fun project on my hook, I’m happy to show you what I’m currently working on, which yarn I’m using and which techniques.
As a designer it is also important to follow trends in crochet-country.  If I spot something new, a gorgeous stitch, technique or gadget, … you’ll be the first to hear it from me!

And probably there’s a lot more crochet savvy stuff that I’m gonna share with you.

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