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Over acryl garen, plastic en baby veiligheid

As a mom from a 2,5 year old boy I always try to buy toys and clothing that are durable, safe and environmentally friendly.   It goes without saying that I also try to design crochet toys that have the same ethics.  Sadly enough I find that people tend to buy cheap yarn to make baby toys and never consider is they are even babysafe.  People just want to be nice and they just don’t know that some yarn isn’t suitable for babies.  You’re wondering why some yarn can be dangerous for babies?  Keep on reading and find out all about it.


The 4 best online shops to buy the most unique amigurumi eyes

the 5 best online shops to buy the most unique safety eyes

You know the feeling.  You’ve just discovered a new amigurumi crochet pattern (=crocheted stuffed animal) and you’re super excited about it.  There’s no doubt about it, this person is gonna make that super cute animal.  And oh my… those eyes… they are so beautiful!  I want one! I want one!

Some time later you find yourself running to your local yarn shop to find yourself the perfect yarn.  You buy a bit too much, as usual, but it’s just such a lovely yarn.  Next item on the list are the eyes.  Ooh… those beautiful radiant eyes…  But after quite a search in your local and less local craft shops, you end up back at home feeling a bit… lost.  You did not find the safety eyes you hoped for.  The kind lady of the craft shop suggested something else and you bought them… but they’re just not the same.  You wanted to have something… different.  And as motivated as you where to start this new crochet project, you’re now a bit less excited to start.

Recognizable? Don’t worry, because that’s all to the past from now on!

What if I tell you that you will find the exact same eyes as the designer used (or even better)?  You’ll have to shop somewhere else then your local craft shop, though.  You’ll be amazed by all the gorgeous and unique creations that are sold online.  I selected 3 great shops for you.  Let’s have a look.


Essential crochet tools – stitch markers


If you’re a serial crocheter (like me), than you’ll no doubt will have stitch markers in your stash.  Yes, you can use yarn leftovers as stitch markers, but where’s the fun in that.  Don’t we ladies (and fellows) like to indulge ourselves from time to time?

Today there’s stitch markers in any possible color or shape.  There’s plain functional stitchmarkers, some look like jewelry and some are even a bit fashionable.  For crochet it is important the you always choose locking stitch markers or split ring stitch markers.  If you buy closed ones, you might end up needing to cut them out of your work… and we wouldn’t want that to happen.  But then, who uses those closed ones?  The closed versions are perfectly fine for knitting projects.  Just put them on your needle in-between two knitting stitches.


Split ring, locking and charm stitch markers



A stitch marker is just functional for me it it just does what it has to do.  So it can be as easy a little leftover of yarn.  The stitch markers on the right side of the photo are a perfect example from my stash.  I believe these where the first stitch markers I ever bought and they already went a long way with me!  These kind are called split ring stitch markers and always have an open side.  They look a bit like paper-clips, but believe me it is not very smart to use a paper-clip as a stitch marker!  (I tested it and had a full-time job trying to get them out again… kind-a funny if I think about it now…).  The good thing is, that nowadays you can find these in happy colors and a bit more stylishly shaped.

The second kind of stitch markers are the locking stitch markers.  They look like mini safety-pins in plastic and are really popular at the moment.  Good for us!  Because now you can get them in any color you can possibly imagine.  I bought these very colorful ones at Button Envy UK. A really lovely Etsy shop that actually specializes in buttons.  I also have some from freshstitches, and those even have a heart- or flower-shape!

And then there’s a third group.  For those who want more and want to make a statement with their stitch markers, there’s stitchmarker charms.  The duck, elephant and blue pearl are all free gifts with a magazine subscription, but you don’t need to look hard to find online shops that sell the most gorgeous handmade designs.

Hand-made charms and subscriptions



A shop I really love is The Clay sheep. I recently purchased 3 different stitch markers and I am thrilled to show you what I got!

When you place an order at The Clay sheep, you can choose if you like them for knitting (closed) or crochet (locking).

Soon after I placed my order, I received two of these cute little boxes in my mail.  You can tell that they really take care of their packaging, these look like jewelry boxes.  The stitch markers where gently packed in a plastic bag and where gathered around a safety pin.


I choose to buy the peas, ice creams and (obviously) the sheep, but it was hard to make a choice from all those gorgeous designs.  The stitch markers are even more beautiful in real life than on the pictures.  I’m sure I will have a lot of fun using these in my next crochet projects.

If you can’t get enough from these fashionable stitch markers, there’s also the option to subscribe yourself to a monthly stitch marker charm.  Yes, you heard me!  A subscription to receive one (or two) new gorgeous handmade stitch marker every month!  I just enrolled in the Charm of the month club from Bakery Charms.  These charms are all based on yummie bakery food and candy.   You should also check out the ring, earing and necklace section.  So beautiful!

Another well known website for bakery-jewelry is Tiny Hands.  But these even have the scent of the yummie food they’re representing.  They don’t sell (many) charms, but you can ask for custom orders.  So you can always request a locking stitch marker version.

Heartsprinkle is another fun online shop you surely need to visit.  This shop is specialized in crochet-related goodies… all custom made!  You can order your very own custom made crochet hook, plus matching stitch markers!  And nowadays you can even order cute notebooks to keep all your project notes.

I’d love to hear where you go shopping for your special stitch markers.

Crafty greetings,