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New website!

I am so excited with the news I have for you!  The last few days I have been working on my new blog!  Not only did I changed my theme, but the software behind my blog is also shiny and new.  I am so thrilled with all the new features it adds to my blog!

But wait… there’s more!  I’m currently also working hard to open a webshop for my crochet patterns.  How awesome is that!  Soon you will be able to buy and download my pattern directly from my website.   I know… It’s okay to squee.

Can’t wait to see it?  Go to and subscribe so you never ever have to miss one of my blogposts again.  And it’s totally okay to try out those new share-buttons.

crafty greetings,


Easter preparation time!

The bees are humming, the birds are singing, the trees are slowly getting leaves again… and on sunny days, you can already feel it’s getting warmer.  It feels as if nature is awakening again.

Slowly we’re heading for a new season. Spring! The season of joy, colour and happy feelings, don’t you agree?

But this also means that it’s almost Easter!  Yay!  So let’s get started on our easter decoration.

I found these fantastic egg-dye-kit in my local supermarket.  In the kit you’ll find 3 different dying colors for boiled eggs. Well… we creative people can make that at least 6 colors 😉  But that’s not all!  There’s also some very cute stickers in the kit, to decorate your eggs afterwards.   I swear, if I had a webshop, I would definitely have had these kits in stock.

For those who looking forward to a babyshower of a friend or family, maybe you can make a quick download of my free pattern Lola, sweet little rabit.

Or if you’re looking for a smaller project, you might like my free pattern Pencil toppper Rabbit.

Don’t forget to bring me a visit on ravelry and show me your finished Little Wendy crochet projects! And who knows… your Little Wendy crochet makes might even pop up on my Facebook page.

Happy crafting!