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Yarn review

If you’re making amigurumi, there’s no gauge mentioned most of the time.  This means you can use any yarn you like for this kind of crochet.  Thicker yarn will result in a bigger softie, thinner yarn will result in a smaller stuffed animal.  But is it really true that the yarn gauge doesn’t matter?  Or does it?

Every yarn has it’s own characteristics and gauge.  Sure, also your own crochet style is important.  But every yarn will give you a slightly (or dramatically) different end result.  Don’t worry, this can be a very positive thing. This way your amigurumi will have it’s very own unique character.  And isn’t that just what we love about handmade items?

I selected 3 eco-friendly yarns and took them to the test.  I used my Lennard the frog prince pattern to show you the different outcomes for these different yarns.
All three these yarns are eco-friendly and are available in lots of bright and happy colors.


The 5 most perfect patterns to learn Amigurumi crochet


Who wouldn’t agree with me that these crocheted softies or Amigurumis are utterly adorable. You would love to make such cuteness yourself, but how does it work?  And won’t it be to difficult for me?

Absolutely not.  Actually there’s plenty of Amigurumi patterns for beginners.

I selected 5 of those beginner patterns for you.  Just go for it and before you know it you’ll be crocheting any amigurumi.


Unboxing – Little box of crochet

Who doesn’t like to receive a gift?  Either personally given to you or in your mail.

Recently I subscribed myself to Little box of crochet, a subscription service that sends you a box filled with crochet goodies EVERY month!

The box contains a crochet pattern, all necessary notions and some very gorgeous extra’s.  The story behind the making of this gorgeous box is a heartwarming and beautiful story, that I think everyone should read.

Already getting excited?  Let’s take a look inside!


Mommy’s blog – the bib review



I recently became the mother of a sweet little boy.
As a creative mom, I love self-made (crochet) items, but as a mom I love qualitative products.

I figured that most of my readers are at least mom, grandmother or aunt themselves from a little sweetie.  So I hope that this review is also of interest to you.

One of the most basic items to have are bibs.  I (or better, my son) tested 3 different brands and I’d love to share my experiences with you.

And for those readers that really want to see a crocheted bib, I selected 2 lovely designs for you to make:
so simple baby bibs from Bobbi Anderson, and
Crochet monster baby bibs from Sarah Zimmerman.
Crocheted in a good quality cotton or bamboo yarn, these cute designs are going to be a definite succes.



I just love this yummie looking cookie shaped bib from Koeka. The bib is made up of two layers high quality cotton and available in several soft colors like blues and pinks.

The size of this bib okay.  It has a nice width, but could have been a bit longer in my opinion.

Koeka uses snaps to fasten the bib. You can adjust the size by choosing one of the two snaps on the back.  This makes this bib very suitable from baby to toddler.

Stains are easily removed by washing it, though tough stains (like tomato sauce) might need some stain remover to completely clean the bib.  I already washed my Koeka bibs several times and they tend to keep form, color and softness perfectly.


The Koeka bib is a qualitative bib with a playful shape and is easy in maintenance, though could have been a bit longer for more comfort.


Mundo melocoton has a specialisation in tetra cloths.  Their designs are always clean, simple and even minimalistic.  The perfect design if you like this kind of modern designs.  The somewhat rougher weaving method (that characterises tetra cloth) gives it a rustique or even ecological look and feel.

You can buy these bibs in sets of 4 pieces.  In one pack you’ll find one blue, red, green and pink bib.  All four lovely colours, but a bit of a pitty that they don’t come in other colors.  I would have loved one in yellow.

I personally think these bibs have a really good width and lenght, I’d even dare to say that they have the perfect size.

Mundo melocoton doesn’t use snaps to fasten the bibs, but uses a classical ribbon in stead.  This makes it adaptable to any size and thus also very sustainable.

The bibs are washable on 60°C and due to the special structure of tetra even harder stains go out easily.  Tetra cloth has a bit of a rougher weaving technique, but is in itself a very thin fabric.  Mundo melocotton uses several layers of this cloth, which results in an easy cleaned fabric.  Also these bibs keep form very well after several washings, though one remark is that they bleed color the first time you wash them.  So make sure you wash them separately the first time.


A very decent bib with a minimalistic design and the perfect size.  This one is definitely my favorite!

They tend to bleed color the first time you wash them, so make sure to wash them separately the first time!


If you like bamboo, than you’ll definitely like the bibs from Timboo.  Bamboo is very fashionable in the eco-geek community at the moment, but it is also a really nice fabric.

Timboo designed a lovely yellow bib with a playful border.  The bamboo is very soft and absorbs extremely good.

Though I like bamboo cloth a loth, I thought these bibs are a bit on the small size.  I would have liked them better if they would have been a bit longer.  You can fasten the bib by using snaps.  Also this bib has (like the one from Koeka), two sizes to choose from when fastening.  And though the bib-size is rather small, the neck width is rather big.  Which makes this bib a bit less comfortable in use, but if you’re a bit crafty, you can always add an extra snap-closing.

The great benefit of bamboo is that it is very effective in absorbing fluids, but it also repels dirt. So no stains at all on this bib!  After washing it several times on 60°C the bib still looks as if it’s new, even after an attack from a bottle of tomato-sauce.


Bamboo is really easy to maintain.  No stains or dirt, it just stays clean.

The size and neck width are a bit unfortunate, but if Timboo could adapt those two tiny points, this one would definitely be my favorite bib!


But what after your kid doesn’t need no bibs anymore?  whatever you do, don’t throw them away!  You can easily recycle them to use as re-usable kitchen cloths, or the clean the hands and face of your kids, … or even cut them into squares and sew a scrappy bath towel,… or if you really want to get rid of them, there’s always 2nd hand markets.

Crafty greetings,

Tutti Frutti CAL @Hookabee

the very berry trio

Yup, I joined another croche-along… the Tutti Frutti CAL from Hookabee.

I really love the patterns from Hookabee!  They are super cute, really original and a joy to make.

For this CAL I purchased the e-cook The very berry trio.  The e-cook concludes 3 lovely patterns of berries: a blueberry, a raspberry and a strawberry.

Here’s a small review on the patterns.


Pattern: Dave, the blueberry
Designer: Hookabee
Difficulty: easy
The yarn I used: Schachenmayr catania and DMC creative world natura just cotton
Crochet hook size: 2 mm
Size finished item: 6 cm


This one is a really fast project and pretty easy to maken.  If it’s your first time to crochet an amigurumi, I’d say this one is a perfect project to start with.
The pattern suggests to use a worsted weight yarn, but I choose to use a fingering weight yarn.  This gives a really cute and tiny blueberry, that is also perfect for kids to play “little shop”.


Pattern: Meg, the raspberry
Designer: Hookabee
Difficulty: intermediate
The yarn I used: DMC creative world natura just cotton
Crochet hook size: 2 mm
Size finished item: 9 cm


A tiny bit more challenging than the previous one, but if you tackled Dave,  than I’m sure this one will work out fine as well.  I think it’s a perfect project to work on your amigurumi skills.
What I really love about this pattern, is that you can remove the crown!  How awesome is that!  Extra cuteness!
Again, I worked with a fingering weight yarn, but I think this one will look fantastic in a worsted weight.  Be aware though… extremely cuddly when large…


Pattern: Sandy, the strawberry
Designer: Hookabee
Difficulty: intermediate
The yarn I used: DMC creative world natura just cotton
Crochet hook size: 2 mm
Size finished item: 7 cm


Also a bit more challenging, but it should work out fine if you finished the blueberry and the raspberry.  It does require your attention a bit more, since Hookabee designed a special technique for the placement of the seeds.  Rather genius, I think, and the result is really beautiful.  My strawberry has the size of a real (large) strawberry.  So I think I might end up making more of these to use as a shopping-toy for kids.


If you make all three the berries in the order suggested in the e-book, these berries are the perfect project to learn Amigurumi or to enhance your skills.
And if your using fingering weight yarn, they are also very fun for kids to play “shop” with.  However, if you choose to work with worsted weight yarn, you’ll get these utterly cute and large berries.  It’s up to you to decide.

A fun tip: why not make a basket as well to store them ?

I am really curious to see your versions of these berries!


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crafty greetings,