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Yarn review

If you’re making amigurumi, there’s no gauge mentioned most of the time.  This means you can use any yarn you like for this kind of crochet.  Thicker yarn will result in a bigger softie, thinner yarn will result in a smaller stuffed animal.  But is it really true that the yarn gauge doesn’t matter?  Or does it?

Every yarn has it’s own characteristics and gauge.  Sure, also your own crochet style is important.  But every yarn will give you a slightly (or dramatically) different end result.  Don’t worry, this can be a very positive thing. This way your amigurumi will have it’s very own unique character.  And isn’t that just what we love about handmade items?

I selected 3 eco-friendly yarns and took them to the test.  I used my Lennard the frog prince pattern to show you the different outcomes for these different yarns.
All three these yarns are eco-friendly and are available in lots of bright and happy colors.


The 4 best online shops to buy the most unique amigurumi eyes

the 5 best online shops to buy the most unique safety eyes

You know the feeling.  You’ve just discovered a new amigurumi crochet pattern (=crocheted stuffed animal) and you’re super excited about it.  There’s no doubt about it, this person is gonna make that super cute animal.  And oh my… those eyes… they are so beautiful!  I want one! I want one!

Some time later you find yourself running to your local yarn shop to find yourself the perfect yarn.  You buy a bit too much, as usual, but it’s just such a lovely yarn.  Next item on the list are the eyes.  Ooh… those beautiful radiant eyes…  But after quite a search in your local and less local craft shops, you end up back at home feeling a bit… lost.  You did not find the safety eyes you hoped for.  The kind lady of the craft shop suggested something else and you bought them… but they’re just not the same.  You wanted to have something… different.  And as motivated as you where to start this new crochet project, you’re now a bit less excited to start.

Recognizable? Don’t worry, because that’s all to the past from now on!

What if I tell you that you will find the exact same eyes as the designer used (or even better)?  You’ll have to shop somewhere else then your local craft shop, though.  You’ll be amazed by all the gorgeous and unique creations that are sold online.  I selected 3 great shops for you.  Let’s have a look.