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Book review: Crochet in color

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Colorful crochet projects…  What’s not to love about a crochet project made with happy colors.  If the colors are well chosen, I truly believe that a colorful blanket can make you smile.  I do.

But how do you know that you used the right colors?  Where do you find your inspiration?  Especially when you did not had the privilege to have an education in fashion or color techniques…


Well, one tip I can tell you… don’t overthink it!  I get my inspiration from my neighbourhood.  In fact you can draw your inspiration from anything!  From a bouquet of flowers, or maybe your favorite piece of clothing, from the cover of a book, wallpaper, a photo, …  Just try it, you’ll see that you’ll discover some really great color combination, that didn’t even think about before.

Still a bit in doubtful about your skills?  Why not try a book filled with colorful crochet projects and start from there?  One book that is great for inspiration is “Crochet in color” from “Kazuko Ryokai”.  It has plenty of happy projects with lovely preset color combinations.  The projects are suitable for a beginner level.  I especially love the blanket that’s on the cover of the book.  But there’s also lot’s of other fun projects in it, like coasters, a pillow, a cozy for your coat rack, …

Have fun with your colors!

Easter preparation time!

The bees are humming, the birds are singing, the trees are slowly getting leaves again… and on sunny days, you can already feel it’s getting warmer.  It feels as if nature is awakening again.

Slowly we’re heading for a new season. Spring! The season of joy, colour and happy feelings, don’t you agree?

But this also means that it’s almost Easter!  Yay!  So let’s get started on our easter decoration.

I found these fantastic egg-dye-kit in my local supermarket.  In the kit you’ll find 3 different dying colors for boiled eggs. Well… we creative people can make that at least 6 colors 😉  But that’s not all!  There’s also some very cute stickers in the kit, to decorate your eggs afterwards.   I swear, if I had a webshop, I would definitely have had these kits in stock.

For those who looking forward to a babyshower of a friend or family, maybe you can make a quick download of my free pattern Lola, sweet little rabit.

Or if you’re looking for a smaller project, you might like my free pattern Pencil toppper Rabbit.

Don’t forget to bring me a visit on ravelry and show me your finished Little Wendy crochet projects! And who knows… your Little Wendy crochet makes might even pop up on my Facebook page.

Happy crafting!


A quick & tiny valentine-make

These lavender bags are a perfect project for those who love easy and fast crochet makes. It hardly takes one hour to hook one up.

And if you’re like me, a tv-watching-crocheter, this makes it even better!  There’s only one stitch you’ll need to make -> single crochet.  Just keep on crocheting in the round and before you know, you have a lavendel bag.

I think a lavender bag is a lovely gift for any occasion.
So be creative and make one with a christmas tree, or with the new year on it, or with a flower for easter, or …
Make one with a little ribbon and hang it in your closet.

This little project has lots and lots of opportunities to get creative.

This is how I made them:

Materials needed

  • a leftover sport weight cotton, f.e. catania
  • 2,5 mm crochet hook
  • a leftover felt
  • glue for textile
  • scissor
  • a needle
  • dried lavender flowers
How to crochet it
  1. chain 20
  2. start in the 2nd chain from the hook.  Make 18 sc, increase 3 sc in the last chain.  Continue working on the other side of the chain.  Make 17 sc, increase 2 sc in the last chain.
    You’ve now finished your first round of sc.
  3. Continue to crochet sc in the round, until you have 17 rounds.  Flatten the bag and sc until you’re in one of the corner of your bag.
Finish off with a long thread.  Stuff your bag with lavender and sew closed the top of the bag.
Cut a heart out of a piece of felt and glue it onto the bag with the textile glue.

A little word about the lavender…

If you want to enjoy your lavender bags for a long time, I recommend buying a high quality of dried lavender flowers.  I know some of you have lavender bushes in their garden and yes, they do smell good… but they keep their scent by far as long as the kind that professionals companies use for their lavender bags.  And we only want the best, right ?

However, the dried lavender that you can buy in drug stores (or specialized stores) is the one you’re looking for.  And if you think that (after some years) the scent has gone, don’t throw it away!  Just a drop of lavender oil in the bag and you can enjoy your lavender scent again for months, if not years.

Don’t know where to buy loose lavender flowers ?  Here’s some shops where they sell the good stuff:

  • Dille & Kamille -> drug store chain, with online shop
  • bastin.nl -> grower, with online shop
  • Lavendula.be -> grower, no online shop
  • Musée de la Lavande -> grower, no online shop.  This is where I bought mine.  If you’re ever visiting the Provence, make sure to visit this site.  You won’t regret it!

To release the lavender scent, just squeeze your bag.  I usually repeat this process once a week, but feel free to squeeze your lavender bags as much as you like.

Have a lot of fun making Valentine-lavender-bags!

crafty greetings,


My favorite free patterns

You want to make your own christmas/silvester gifts ?  But you’re not sure yet, what to make.  But it has to be something cute and fun.

Here are some of my most favorite free crochet projects that are a succes every time!  And the best part is that they are all free patterns.


Amamani puzzle ball // designed by : Dedri Uys from lookatwhatimade.net
M. Richard the whale // designed by : Stacey Trock from Freshstitches.com
Odd the Octopus // Designed by : Ina Rho from inart.no
Elephant // designed by : Chisachi Kushima
Tomato // designed by : Little Wendy crochet

crafty greeting,