pattern review salty the crocodile

Pattern: Salty, the crocodile

Designer: Stacey Trock van Freshstitches

Difficulty: gemiddeld

The yarn I used: Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted cotton

Crochet hook size: 4,5 mm

Size finished item: 48 cm van staart tot neus


This one has already been a while on my “must-make-someday”-list.  And I am so happy that I finally got the chance to make this cutie!  Not only is this the cutest crocodile crochet pattern that I’ve ever seen, he is also extremely cuddly.

Although the pattern states an intermedium difficulty-level, I believe that it is also suitable for a beginning crocheter. All the separate pieces are crochet using (almost) only basic stitches.  So you do need to know the basics of crochet, but besides that, you should be fine as a beginner.

Assembling the toy can be a tiny bit more tricky and you really need to keep an eye on what your doing here.  I find that you get the most beautiful result if you line out the bobbles from the head and back of the crocodile.  In the pattern itself it is suggested to first assemble the little pieces (limbs, eyes, nostrils, …), so you can tug away the yarn ends inside the body/head.  However, I find that this technique doesn’t quite work for me, but that’s just a personal thing.  I always start with the head and body and next attach the smaller pieces.  I love to hear from you guys, what’s your preferred technique to assemble an amigurumi.

salty the crocodilesalty the crocodile

I want to buy this pattern!

The pattern is published in a book called “Crocheted Softies” and available in printversion and e-book version.  And if you like, there’s even a German version available of the printed book.  I definitely recommend this book for any crocheter that loves to make cuddly cute crochet items.  This crocodile is only one of many super cute critters available in the book.

Have fun crocheting!

creative greetings,