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Over acryl garen, plastic en baby veiligheid

As a mom from a 2,5 year old boy I always try to buy toys and clothing that are durable, safe and environmentally friendly.   It goes without saying that I also try to design crochet toys that have the same ethics.  Sadly enough I find that people tend to buy cheap yarn to make baby toys and never consider is they are even babysafe.  People just want to be nice and they just don’t know that some yarn isn’t suitable for babies.  You’re wondering why some yarn can be dangerous for babies?  Keep on reading and find out all about it.


Book review: Crochet in color

Boek recensie_ENG

Colorful crochet projects…  What’s not to love about a crochet project made with happy colors.  If the colors are well chosen, I truly believe that a colorful blanket can make you smile.  I do.

But how do you know that you used the right colors?  Where do you find your inspiration?  Especially when you did not had the privilege to have an education in fashion or color techniques…


Well, one tip I can tell you… don’t overthink it!  I get my inspiration from my neighbourhood.  In fact you can draw your inspiration from anything!  From a bouquet of flowers, or maybe your favorite piece of clothing, from the cover of a book, wallpaper, a photo, …  Just try it, you’ll see that you’ll discover some really great color combination, that didn’t even think about before.

Still a bit in doubtful about your skills?  Why not try a book filled with colorful crochet projects and start from there?  One book that is great for inspiration is “Crochet in color” from “Kazuko Ryokai”.  It has plenty of happy projects with lovely preset color combinations.  The projects are suitable for a beginner level.  I especially love the blanket that’s on the cover of the book.  But there’s also lot’s of other fun projects in it, like coasters, a pillow, a cozy for your coat rack, …

Have fun with your colors!

New website!

I am so excited with the news I have for you!  The last few days I have been working on my new blog!  Not only did I changed my theme, but the software behind my blog is also shiny and new.  I am so thrilled with all the new features it adds to my blog!

But wait… there’s more!  I’m currently also working hard to open a webshop for my crochet patterns.  How awesome is that!  Soon you will be able to buy and download my pattern directly from my website.   I know… It’s okay to squee.

Can’t wait to see it?  Go to littlewendycrochet.com and subscribe so you never ever have to miss one of my blogposts again.  And it’s totally okay to try out those new share-buttons.

crafty greetings,