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Over acryl garen, plastic en baby veiligheid

As a mom from a 2,5 year old boy I always try to buy toys and clothing that are durable, safe and environmentally friendly.   It goes without saying that I also try to design crochet toys that have the same ethics.  Sadly enough I find that people tend to buy cheap yarn to make baby toys and never consider is they are even babysafe.  People just want to be nice and they just don’t know that some yarn isn’t suitable for babies.  You’re wondering why some yarn can be dangerous for babies?  Keep on reading and find out all about it.


Yarn review

If you’re making amigurumi, there’s no gauge mentioned most of the time.  This means you can use any yarn you like for this kind of crochet.  Thicker yarn will result in a bigger softie, thinner yarn will result in a smaller stuffed animal.  But is it really true that the yarn gauge doesn’t matter?  Or does it?

Every yarn has it’s own characteristics and gauge.  Sure, also your own crochet style is important.  But every yarn will give you a slightly (or dramatically) different end result.  Don’t worry, this can be a very positive thing. This way your amigurumi will have it’s very own unique character.  And isn’t that just what we love about handmade items?

I selected 3 eco-friendly yarns and took them to the test.  I used my Lennard the frog prince pattern to show you the different outcomes for these different yarns.
All three these yarns are eco-friendly and are available in lots of bright and happy colors.


hand dyed yarn

It has already been some time that I wanted to try out dyeing yarn with food colorant.   How awesome is it to create your own colors of yarn !?

A while ago I got some beautiful skeins of white Romney yarn.  Perfect for a dyeing experiment !  I only took one skein, since it’s kind of the first time for me to dye with food colorant.

I used wiltons food colorant, but you can actually use any food colorant.

The method I used was inspired by the blogpost “Smart dyeing” from Chalklegs.com
So if you’d like to know how I did it, pleas visit her blog.

I must ad a little side note though.  I didn’t have a powder to dye with, but used liquid dye in stead.  I used small bottle to gently drip spots all over the yarn.  Works perfect.

My skein turned out gorgeous!  I’m very happy with the lovely speckled effect.    Anyway, this won’t be my last dyeing experiment.  I love it and it gives a lot of pleasure to be able to create something special like that.

See you next time!

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